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Ceiling Fans for all seasons

Ceiling fans ? summer and winter

Many people install ceiling fans and only run them during the summer months. However, many professionals suggest using them in the winter as well with a slight change.

During the warmer seasons we like to feel the air blowing down on us to help give off a ?wind chill? effect and keep us and our living space cool. The reverse also holds true for the winter months however you need to reverse the direction of your fan. (Typically this is clockwise.) By reversing the direction, the warm air above will be circulated while not directly blowing down on you. This helps to even out the temperature in the room without the negative effect (in the colder months).

If you find that your ceiling fan is not cooling off your home like it should this spring, make sure you check that it is running in the proper direction (counter clock-wise) to give maximum benefit to your household. Oh yes, clean the blades before you test it out if it has been unused over the winter.

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