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Update the easy way by replacing ceiling lights

New Ceiling Lights to Refresh the Look of your home

Ceiling lights go a long way in dictating the style of a home. Those who have replaced the ceiling lights in their home know that updating these light fixtures can dramatically alter the look of any room. New homeowners and those who haven?t replaced their fixtures in a long time will notice that old light fixtures are one of the first things to make a home look outdated.

Replacing outdated ceiling lights with something more modern, like a flush, brushed steel fixture will do wonders to the look of a room. The first step is to flip the breaker on the power box. Don?t ever attempt any lighting or electrical work without first disconnecting the power. Begin to dismantle the outdated ceiling light fixture until you are able to dismount it from the ceiling. This will give you an idea of what type of mounting is already in the ceiling and what size hole the old light fixture has left behind.

The second step to an easy update is finding a replacement light fixture that will mount to the ceiling using the existing mounting plate and/or screw holes. It is also important to make sure that the new fixture will adequately cover the marks left by the old fixture, or painting may be necessary. Many light fixtures use the same mounting patterns making replacing them fairly quick and easy.

When you have found new ceiling lights that have the look you want and will fit well in place of the old fixtures, go ahead and swap them out. Rewiring lighting is simple and there is plenty of information available online about how to do it safety. If you do not feel comfortable handling the job yourself, contact a friend or electrician who can stop and handle it for you safely.

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