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Crystal chandeliers: picking the best size

How to Buy New Lighting Fixtures

Shopping for a new, beautiful crystal chandelier is only part of ensuring a successful purchase. It is also essential to ensure that the chandelier is the perfect size for the room in which you plan to place it.

Estimating size based on another piece of furniture is often the easiest way to select a chandelier?s dimensions. This works well if you already have the piece of furniture that the crystal chandelier will be positioned above. For example, if you are placing the chandelier over a table, the table will be able to dictate what the appropriate size range is going to be based on its size and your individual taste.

If you have yet to pick out the furniture the crystal chandelier will hang above or it is going to be placed in an entryway or grand room, measuring is the best way to go. Luckily, there is a well-known rule of thumb on how to estimate for size:

Step One: Start by measuring both the width and length of the room in which the chandelier will be placed.

Step Two: Once you have the measurements, add both numbers together. Remember, add both numbers, and don?t multiply them. You are not trying to find the area.

Step 3: Take the number you get by adding the length and width together and then use this answer in inches. This number is the diameter (in inches) of the crystal chandelier appropriate for your space.

Here is an example by the numbers. If you have a room that measures 10 feet by 11 feet then you would add the two number together (10 + 11 = 21) and then instead of 21 feet, use it in inches, so 21 inches. Therefore, 21 inches is the diameter of the chandelier that would fit properly.

Step 4: Purchase your new crystal chandelier!

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