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Customer service varies in the lighting industry

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Buy from a company that cares about you

Sell, sell, sell is the motto of most lighting retailers. While this may bode well for their sales it does nothing to encourage a positive customer relationship or foster customer loyalty. Unfortunately in the online retailing world, there are many retailers that feel that operating online gives them the right to operate with ambiguity and indecisiveness in their customer service.

There are however, a select few retailers of outdoor light fixtures that are approaching the industry in a ?new light,? so to speak. This new way of doing business is really a revolution in the industry and it stems from a basic philosophy; care about every order, every time, not just the customers who have ordered more than once.

A quality retailer knows that every pendant lighting order is a chance to build a new long-term relationship with a customer. Perform well on the pendant lighting order and watch as they come back and order a crystal chandelier the next month. Ignore a new customer?s concerns on the first order and they won't be back to shop with you again.

The lighting business is one in which price competition is difficult and in many instances price differentiation is very limited and inflexible. The real difference in lighting retailers comes in the form of lighting FAQ e-book