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The benefits of proper ceiling and bath lighting

Indoor Lighting Design for Better Living

Our increasing reliance on LCD and Plasma screens all day long is testing our eyes to see how much they can take. Anyone who has looked at a television or computer screen all day knows the strain and fatigue that our eyes begin to feel by the end of the day. While the necessity to view these screens is not likely to go away anytime soon, we can do much to help our eyes by properly placing ceiling light fixtures and peripheral lighting around the home.

Computer usage is a large contributor to eyestrain and headache. In rooms with computers in them it is important to have ceiling lights installed in areas that can offer extra light to the user. Depending on the way the computer or desk is situated, locating a table lamp or floor lamp around the desk can be beneficial as well.

Much like the computer room, the television room or media room as they are frequently referred to now can benefit from extra light. Studies have shown that viewing bright television screens in dark rooms for extended periods of time (like for films) can causes eye strain as well. For these rooms, ambient Lighting is recommended to defuse the eyestrain and allow the eye more light intake.

It goes without saying as well that rooms with televisions and computers are not the only rooms where proper lighting is needed. The kitchen is another place where proper ceiling lights are required for food preparation and recipe reading.

Lastly, proper lighting FAQ e-book