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Outdoor light fixtures: Placement do?s & don?ts

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Projects

Outdoor yard and landscaping projects are usually last on the list for new homeowners. Typically, the interior and exterior of the home is the initial focus, followed by the actual property surrounding the home. When these projects do begin, however, they can quickly consume a lot of time, money and energy. This is why proper pre-planning is essential to streamlining the work and getting it done right the first time.

Outdoor light fixtures need to be taken into consideration at the very start of the project. Much like sprinkler systems, getting outdoor light fixtures into the ground before you do anything else saves a lot of time and backtracking. So what are the areas that you should consider in placing your new outdoor light fixtures?

Pathways, entryways and exits should all be lit properly. These are areas that are going to see the most traffic and they need to be well lit to ensure safety of both the homeowner and guests. The best way to approach lighting these areas is with a combination of landscape lighting, pathway lighting and exterior wall lighting. It?s the landscape and pathway lighting that will require most of the wiring installation so they may want to be your first areas of concern if you are starting a landscaping project. Additional lighting on the exterior of your home can be installed at anytime.

Additionally, you may want to light a few decorative areas of your yard. If you have installed some unique landscaping fixtures such as a fountain or water feature, these can be nice to highlight with some accent lights and/or well lights. Keep in mind that some lighting could potentially transcend safety and decoration. Too much lighting can upset neighbors who may end up feeling like they are living next to the bright lights of Vegas. Be smart about placing your outdoor lighting fixtures and don?t overdo it.

Good luck with your landscaping project, and remember, plan ahead to save time!

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