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Outdoor Lighting Projects

Landscape Lighting Projects

As you start to plan your project (and you are planning it out, right?) be sure to consider what part light will play in the design. All too often we see where a path, sidewalk, or driveway next to a lawn could use some light and someone just grabs a box of solar landscape lights and presses them into the lawn next to it. Do not make this mistake. Soon the lawn mower, the kids, and the occasional car door will take their toll and your ?new? lights will quickly lose their appeal and your money is wasted.

Instead, take some time to look at alternate sources of placement and lighting styles and get something you will enjoy for years to come.

Can a directional LED light be placed somewhere else to project light onto that same path?
Can a low voltage spotlight be placed into existing landscaping for a similar effect?
Look at the surrounding plants and trees; can down lighting from these provide path lighting as well as landscaping highlights?

As you look for ways to accomplish lighting a traffic area, be sure to look at these important considerations: - Functionality ? Does it meet with the possible traffic considerations? Lights in the lawn right next to the kids basketball court? Not going to last long.

- Upkeep and maintenance of the surrounding area. Is the lawnmower or trimmer going to be constantly hitting them? Are the lights next to plants that need weekly trimming? This point will be the factor in how long you truly enjoy the work going into your project.

- Power considerations ? how easily can power be directed to an area? LightingShowroom professionals are available to help you with this and can make a solution much easier to implement.

- Appearance ? While listed last here, it may be the most important aspect depending upon your project. Do you want the fixture to be hidden while still delivering light or do you want the elegant light to counterpoint all that hard work on those roses? Remember, highlight, illuminate, and decorate. The right lighting selection is critical, let a professional help you decide which is right for you.

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