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Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lights for entertaining areas

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

From garden and pool parties to a good old fashioned BBQ to a quiet evening with friends, the nicer weather is encouraging more and more people to gather. If you will be entertaining this year we encourage you to give the lighting of your outdoor entertainment area some careful consideration. Whether old lights can be adjusted, new styles purchased, or even the addition of a simple dimmer switch, the correct lighting can greatly enhance the atmosphere at your next gathering.

Grab a pen and paper and take a few minutes one evening to look at the lighting of your areas. Take a careful look at some of the typical problem areas and situations below:

- Note places where there are deep shadows. Should those dark spots be dark?
- Can existing lights be redirected or can a hidden landscape light help alleviate the dark zones?
- Look for overly bright spots. Those flood lights for example. Do they create a bright glare for people sitting on the deck?
- Are steps or other possible tripping spots illuminated properly? Adding outdoor pendant light can be an unobtrusive way to provide lighting and decorative focal point to an outdoor entertainment area while not impeding daytime shade/sun exposure.

Now, take those ideas and issues you noted on your paper and check out Outdoor lights by lightingshowroom. You will get some new ideas and options you had not previously considered. Then invite all those friends over and enjoy the new, properly lighted, area you created! Have fun!

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