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Selecting Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor Post Light selection for new properties and sub-divisions

Looking for a way to change the appearance and presentation of your yard or driveway? When was the last time you thought about updating your outdoor post lights? A new post light can make your home stand out and draw attention during both day and night.

Choosing a post light style should receive careful consideration during the planning process. We offer some tips and guidance below on selecting the right one for your property.

1. With all of the finishes, pattern, materials, and styles available make sure that your post light selection fits into the overall theme for the individual property and surrounding homes. Consider more than just your front yard.
2. Many companies offer collections of lights that include a post light, outdoor wall lights for wall placement, and even some landscape lights to match. These collections can often simplify your decision rather than needing to put together individual pieces and hoping they match.
3. In addition to the tip above, we do want to call out that post lights and any other wall or landscape lights nearby should compliment each other if you are not using a collection. If not, the daytime look of the area will seem disjointed and the night time presentation of the light may also be inconsistent.
4. All too often we see post lights just cemented into concrete. There are many different mount options available to add to the appearance of a post light positioned in such a fashion. Please consider the mounting and placement of any post light during the planning process. With Spring landscaping projects on the way, now is also a good time to discuss the placement of a post light. Quite often post lights are just placed in the middle of a lawn possibly positioned to throw off a little light to the driveway or a walkway. Take some time to consider incorporating your post light into the overall landscape lighting design. Placing the light in a landscape feature such as quarter round design where the driveway and walkway meet can achieve the light placement needed at night as well as drawing attention to another feature in the landscaping such as an address stone or plants.

For a truly stylish look consider doing a brick or stone column on or in which to place a post light. These pieces can be done standalone, such as at the entrance to a property with a long driveway or in a larger landscape setting. If you need more help and ideas on selecting the right post light collection for your property, please give the professionals at lightingshowroom an opportunity to offer their suggestions.

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