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Things to consider when purchasing a crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandelier Tips

A beautiful new crystal chandelier is a substantial purchase for a homeowner. This is one important purchase that will act as a focal point for the home while at the same time adding style and value. Unfortunately, homeowners who are currently shopping for a chandelier may have noticed there isn?t a lot of helpful information online for how to navigate this large purchase. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when shopping around for a crystal chandelier. Style: A crystal chandelier will come crafted to suit numerous tastes and styles. From contemporary designs to old world European and Asian designs, the perfect chandelier is the one that is going to complement the existing d‚cor of the home. Size: Knowing what is going to actually fit into the home is half the battle. There is nothing worse than unpacking a gorgeous chandelier only to discover that it is too large for the space or too small to make an impact. To avoid a mistake, first measure both the width and the length of the room in which you have chosen to hang the crystal chandelier. Add these two figures together. The resulting figure is the size of the crystal chandelier (in inches) that is the appropriate size for the space that you have available. So if the resulting sum of your room in width and length is 30 feet, the appropriately sized crystal chandelier would be 30 inches. Price: What is the price range that is acceptable for the purchase? The prices of each crystal chandelier will range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars for a mini crystal chandelier to thousands of dollars for some of the more extravagant full size designs. Based on the other factors involved, figure out a reasonable price range for what you want. The Retailer: Do they back up their product with any warranty or guarantees? What have other customers said about them? Are they easy to contact? A crystal chandelier can be a considerable investment, which is why it is important to have a relationship with the retailer from which it was ordered. Consider checking out testimonials from other customers before you buy

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