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Swarovski crystal chandeliers are magical

Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers are Special Lighting Fixtures

The chandelier may be the oldest form of decorative lighting, marking its earliest appearances in medieval churches as suspended wooden crosses from which candles were mounted. As time went on, it was discovered that natural rock crystal helped reflect candlelight to illuminate larger areas. As crystal became more commonly used to ornament light sources, the crystal chandelier evolved from functional to aesthetic, and eventually became symbols of wealth and power.

The development of lead oxide glass in the 17th century changed chandeliers for ever, as it was much softer and easier to cut than natural crystal - and much more brilliant. To this day we use the word 'crystal" for this lead glass. The new innovation allowed more intricate designs and enhanced the light-scattering properties of the 'crystal', encouraging artisans the world over to create the magnificent and varied styles of Swarovski crystal chandelier we see today.

Crystal Grades Strass? Swarovski Crystal
Regarded by industry leaders as the finest crystal in the world, Strass? is noted for its incredible clarity and internal flawlessness. Strass? crystals are composed of over 30% lead and are cut by machine to achieve technical perfection; their razor sharp facets meet precisely at one focal point to achieve peak refraction and an optically pure prism. Each crystal is then polished by hand, given an optical coating to resist dust accumulation, and finally laser inscribed, giving each piece the Strass? mark of excellence.

Swarovski Spectra? Crystal
Manufactured in the Austrian Alps through the same process as the Strass? crystal, but without the optical coating. Spectra? offers both design appeal and quality for the crystal connoisseur looking for a great value. The recent purchase of Schonbek, the leading crystal chandelier manufacturer, by Swarovski, the consummate crystal source, brings together the best of both worlds for truly state of the art crystal beauty.

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