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Tiffany ceiling lights for lasting beauty

Tiffany Stained Glass Light Fixtures

There is something almost whimsical about the look of Tiffany ceiling lights. These masterpieces created in the style perfected by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself are wonderful additions to any home. Impress you guests with a unique piece and replace your outdated ceiling lights with some classically inspired Tiffany lights.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was born in 1848 to the retailing family that owned the Tiffany & Company jewelers. It wasn?t long before his interest in the arts was sparked and he began working primarily in stained glass. This later led to his patent of an iridescent glass finishing process. At his peek in the late 1800?s and early 1900?s Tiffany had a thriving factory that was making a variety of handmade stained glass windows and lamps. His glass studio remained open until 1932, closing shortly before his death in 1933.

Today, Tiffany inspired fixtures and ceiling lights recreate the same look of original pieces at a fraction of the cost. Each of these fixtures has dozens of individual glass pieces fashioned together with bronze, iron and other metals. Each design is an artistic work with an individual style and story. Look for grapevine and ivy inspired designs to name just a few. You can find an assortment of Tiffany ceiling lights available online. From flush mounted designs to semi-flush designs there are applications fit for every room. In addition, the color palettes of the many individual glass pieces differ on each design so there will likely be one that will fit easily into your current scheme.

Dress up your home with new ceiling lights in the Tiffany inspired tradition. Shop online to find the best selection and the best service in the lighting industry. Guests will wonder were you were able to find such decorative lights at such reasonable prices.

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