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Add value to your home with upgraded lighting

New Home Lighting will add Resale Value to your home

When the decision has been made to move, homeowners usually start to look at their property in a different way. They begin to clean up junk, get rid of clutter, and make the house look more spacious and livable. They will even fix those things in the house which have sat unfixed for quite a long time. Next they place their house on the market, eager to get interested buyers to put down an offer.

Today?s housing is unfortunately not that simple. The quick cleaning and sprucing up are not getting houses sold. It?s a buyer?s market and the buyers want a turnkey property. In this market sellers need to look past their own attachment to the property and look at it anew, as if they were the buyers themselves. When they do this they will realize that some of the aspects of the house that are so familiar will suddenly appear old and out of date, and while it is not realistic to upgrade everything in the house, some upgrades can help more than others.

Upgrading your ceiling lights and bathroom lighting" can add tremendous value to your home with only a small investment. Getting rid of old, questionable light fixtures or harsh lighting such as fluorescent kitchen lights can instantly take years off your property. In many instances, replacing ceiling lights with new stylish lighting can be done simply with only basic wiring skills. Even fluorescent lighting can be upgraded easily with the addition of a bit of paint.

Under-lit areas or areas that have needed large, bulky lamps can be replaced with simple pendant lighting that will instantly modernize and light up the area in the house. Harsh, large bathroom lighting can be replaced with simple and elegant decorative lighting. Finally, replacing outdoor light fixtures can modernize and enhance the exterior of the house both through their own design and by the areas and angles of the house they accentuate.

It?s easier than you think and if you?re looking to sell, replacing old light fixtures is a major enhancement to any home. Best of all, its relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

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